The scores for different browsers have given a very interesting clue about upcoming updates for Symbian Belle devices 603,700,701 and obviously 808 pureview.

Nokia Belle FP 2 (S60 5.5)Nokia 7012429
Nokia Belle FP 1 (S60 5.4)Nokia 603, 700 and 7012129

It has revealed  new Belle update , Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 (FP 2) and the improved browser which is supposed to come with this FP 2 scores 242 with 9 bonus points, While the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP 1) which comes pre-loaded on 808 pureview scores 212 with 9 bonus points. Significant improvement over FP 1 browser.

So, now it seems Nokia Belle future updates will come to 603, 700, 701 and 808 pureview in form of Feature packs upgrades. This might be a good strategy, as it gives an impression of proactive device support and customer care by the Manufacturer. And it is not something new, as many will know that Anna and Belle were one as PR2.0, before they were released as separate updates.

Also interesting to note that in below screenshot,

Symbian Belle is S60 5.3, Nokia Belle FP1 is S60 5.4 and Nokia Belle FP2 is S60 5.5.

It gives rise to interesting possibility that Nokia/Symbian Carla is now coming after two separate updates namely Nokia Belle FP1 and Nokia Belle FP2  . And may be some new Symbian devices may be introduced at the time of release of Carla.

As has been seen on the Nokia developer site that Carla is separate update from FP2. So may be FP 1 and FP 2 brings the current crop at the level of pre-Carla before Carla is finally released and as has been confirmed by our sources that might happen in Q4 for all devices and in Q3 603, 700, 701 and 808 pureview might start shipping with Carla as the native Firmware.