Statscounter is amazing analysis tool, and it reveals information which is respected and accepted by industry.

 And today it has revealed very interesting information about  Symbian OS showing growth from Feb 2012 to March 2012. It has grown from 30.19% to 31.01%, which is about 2.8 % points up. More interestingly during the same period both iOS and Android show decline. So is it impact of recent Symbian Belle update availability or/and announcement of 808 pureview and Belle Feature pack1 for 603,700 and 701.

On further analysis, for identifying from where this growth came, it is remarkable to note that in Europe, Symbian has gone up from 8.06 to 8.43% and in South America growth is huge 31.75 to 34.12% which is about 7.5% up. In South America, Android has taken fall of about 8% and Symbian seems to have grown at the expense of Android.

So the question comes to mind, Is Symbian really alive and kicking, in wake of Symbian Belle and upcoming flagship 808 pureview. Anyways initial indications seem encouraging 🙂