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Symbian belle vs Android: A comparison

In this article, I have tried to put a comparison between two of the world’s most used smartphone OSes. Symbian belle is going to be on all Symbian Anna phones come feb.Hence we certainly need to take this bit sensitive/controversial comparison, as it will be helpful for many in deciding where to invest their hard-earned money.
Symbian Belle interface

First let me tell you how much Belle impressed the fellas at GSMarena and Zdnet.

Given below is the link from GSMarena’s review of Belle.They concluded that,

“Symbian Belle brings the Symbian closer to Android and iOS than it’s ever been. Like we said, there’re some less than perfect areas, but overall it would do great in day-to-day usage. The user experience isn’t Symbian’s biggest problem though”

Zdnet  concluded like this,

“If Nokia had launched this new Symbian Belle one year ago, the company would have remained the worldwide smartphone market leader”

Now based on my own experience  and the reviews and experiences shared by different websites and users with both the OSes, I will first put forth some areas where Symbian belle is better than Android, and vice-versa.

Processing power need:

Symbian belle makes phones running on single core processor clocked at 680 Mhz very smooth.For example N8.This is very surprising in the times when we need dual core and processors clocked at 1.2 GHz for Androids to run them smooth.viz SGS2.That is sufficient to show how efficient Symbian is as an OS.Please follow the link below to see N8 with belle in action.It is also worth noting that low speced Android phones are not that smooth in operations,and Symbian belle phones in the same price range can beat them easily.

Power consumption:

This is where Symbian belle beats Android hands down.As Android needs more processing power to run the OS smoothly.It takes big toll on battery level of the device.We have heard a lot about how android users need to carry chargers with them,and charge it twice sometimes thrice in a day.

True & live Multitasking:

This is one area where even, Android’s latest ICS( Ice cream sandwitch) can’t hold a lamp to Symbian Belle.Symbian always had true multitasking,with Belle it goes one step ahead and becomes live multitasking with live app tiles!!Android still only supports only a fixed number of apps while multitasking,and freezes others.

Android interface

Now some areas where Android is still better than Symbian belle,

Screen resolution:

Though E6 has proved that Symbian can support resolution other than 640×360,but still Nokia has not come up with other devices with better resolution.I hope N8 successor will bring better resolution with itself.

Better apps eco system:

Though it is not related to OS directly but apps eco system and quality wise Android is better than Symbian.The number of app at Android market are nearly 300000.Symbian also has impressive numbers of around 110000.A comparison by “allaboutsymbain” shows that all the top paid and free apps are also avalable in  “Nokia store”.But if you compare the quality then as the apps of Android get more frequent uodates than Symbian,quality wise some of Android apps are better than Symbian.Hit the link below for checking out the comparison by “allaboutsymbian”.

Let us know in comments what you think about this comparison.

Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long. He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • Bagaiya

    There’s been too much noise about the android so I decide to give it a try. But believe me my nokia symbian device is unbeatable. I just dont know why all the noise about andrid.

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  • The Old Man, the winner, has many experience and become a legend.

    Just need some regeneration and something like innovation it has made a super change to make it better 🙂

    I think it’s not too awkward if people say ‘Symbian is the Grand Master’

  • chima

    whatever you do, don’t you ever touch or say a word about my N70.. is all i have, my life, the window through which i see you guys 🙂 lol.. but with my nokia N70-5 seriously am far much better (ok not that far) than all ya stinking jelly beans, bursted belle, iporn and wp7/8.. Advance 2megapixeled pureview and true MULTITASKING (best of it) .. If i have money, i will host N8 aaaand still keep my NOKIA N70.. i have iporn with passion and will murder if antroid shows its lazy ass

    UP S60v2!!! thats all i gat 🙁

  • Symbian is and/or was a legend in the smartphone era, soon the legend will end. But we will remember it , <3 you symbian no matter what comes in between B|

  • Android Jelly Bean

    Android is the BEST of all OS!!

  • DanzoHirashi

    Like I will always state, Symbian is the 1st and most innovative of all smartphone-simply because a them set the trend and everyone else follow, learn and improve upon. Cause you can not expect to make a competitive splash you can’t come at the same level. The battery life consumption on the androids are horrifying from what I gather, I have turn down buy two droids already and I’m using a e61i I just can’t find a descent phone to upgrade to, but the N8 is ideal. Reason I know where to find all I need it, from OVI to pirated apps and games even Asphalt 6 and newer.
    People need to understand creators of android got tired of just making apps, why make apps alone when you can create and sell your own OS to run your apps. Kudos to them though,-but they need to work on battery consumption and glitches and security issues that still plagues them. Can you imagine a 1.5Ghz processing unit to run an OS that only requires 650Mhz??

  • Jean Carmona

    I run symbian belle fp1 on nokia 701 and i totally love it. I would never switch this beautiful OS for android. Real multitasking and performance mich better even with old poor processors.
    Symbian belle fp1 rocks!

  • Anacleto AS

    Un Nokia 700 da un buen revolcon a cualquier Android

  • Yesu gupta

    Android is better then symbian….

    • Android Jelly Bean

      big check!

  • Ndolbey

    I love Symbian
    i hope symbian would be better n better n better
    i wish nokia still build symbian phones for thousand years

  • I think symbian belle will be much better in these coming years

  • rahul.del

    Well I don’t know if anybody knows it or not but Nokia has announced that they have partnered with Vodafone India and Airtel and Reliance to offer integrated billing solutions on the Nokia Store in India. This would let users download apps from the Nokia Store and pay for their downloads as part of their monthly mobile phone bills or have the amount deducted from the pre-paid balance.
    This would surely increase the earning potential of the paid apps that developers submit.
    Go To: and start submiting more & more apps to earn more!!

  • rizwan

    i love nokia coz of its quality n efficiency but wanna switch android coz of is open source n have lot of app everyday than nokia……….. android in a just a few year almost beaten the Nokia , i hope Nokia could as soos as possible overcome this thing to again gain the big market share……………………..

  • aditya goel

    i was used n8 and now i used samsung android my experience is android is our better i love nokia but realty is realty

  • rezi

    compare android and ios here Symbian Belle 3rd person or 4 subject ,all of you please read the Full phone specifications of Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III ,Apple iPhone 4S ,and Nokia N9 then give yours comment.

  • prince

    is there not a way to make nokia go back on its decision? Personally i don’t think windows has a chance and it won’t work with nokia. The smart phone market is already saturated. I can see only android in the future and only symbian as its competitor.

  • akshay

    iam using belle for 2months ithink belle is much better in apps nd games both compared with andriod

  • Piyush Michael

    @kamalmishra. Not dead. But certainly on its track to the grave.
    And the 41MP thing, symbian has been handling SPECIALIST HARDWARE since day one. Remember the dual-cpu N95 and N93. They were there even before dual-cores became common on desktops… I don’t know of anything before that. But I do know that the first gprs enabled phone was a symbian(maybe an s40, but still). The first 3g enabled phone was a symbian, and the first phone with nfc was a symbian.
    I’m typing this comment on a 5320. An s60v3 FP2. I use it to send mails, whatsapp and realtime fb. This 4 year old piece of junk does everything that quad core droid can do. Its an xpress music. Born to play. In fact, if I manage to find one, my next phone would be the legendary N95. I would trade any phone in this universe(barring the 808, assuming it is the last symbian) for it.
    As it slowly marches towards its certain grave, Symbian leaves behind a legacy. A legacy hard to be forgotten and re-enacted.

    In the coming years (and decades), imagination, greed and moore’s law will wreak havoc with the way phones look and feel.

    And just run the numbers. 35MP( out of 41) image takes up 105 MB. When a video is being shot, the sensor snaps 30 times a second. Which means 105X30/1024=3.08 GB/s. The camera bus of the 808 clocks 3.08 GB/s. That’s enough to saturate a first gen x16 PCI-express slot… All of this is done with less than a quarter watt… That’s SYMBIAN.


    the biggest symbian fanboy.

  • Piyush Michael

    This is a fanboy page, and is heavily biased. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fanboy too.
    Stuff I’d like to say:

    1)@mohit, don’t bad mouth s60. It is the epitome of symbian-ness. And its phones were legendary. It was a leader. Symbian^3 is merely a follower.

    2)symbian is built around EKA(epoc kernel architecture). It is derived from epocOS by psion. Symbian is an RTOS(real time operating system). The kernel is dead basic with just the graphics driver built into it. This makes it one helluva juggler. No wonder the N8 performed on par with its ghz class companions.

    3)nokia maps used to be better than google maps because it is a vector map. Stuff is stored as coordinates and equations, not pictures. Thus the maps were extremely accurate, light on data and required only a single load. But things are gonna change as maps in ICS are gonna be vector ones. Plus, google maps has been mapped heavily (the grocer thing doesn’t work out where i come from in nokia maps) by the users.

    4)symbian is from another era, the last millenia. It symbolizes the time when the web was free. When utility mattered, not eye candy. Nokia has struck a deal with the diabolic microsoft (under the influence of the evil Elop) which prohibits it from developing any smart os… The entire symbian staff has been transfered to accenture… It gives me great pain to say that Symbian is dead.

    Who thought the old s40 would outlast its smart brethren…

    • Very informative and touching comment. Symbian is not dead yet. not atleast for few more years. afterall which OS can support 41 MP sensor 🙂

  • Why I am unable to post comments here?

  • Hello! This is a great comparision! While Android’s app ecosystem is better, I wouldn’t consider opting for it over a Symbian any day! I have devices with most editions of Symbian running on them, and I have to agree that only Symbian and PalmOS(now webos) have ever had true multitasking. I have used an Android device, and yes, I’m terribly impressed with the amount of processes it can run, but frankly, that shouldn’t be the sole reason for increasing the processing power of the device.

    While average users just see “dual-core processor” and go all crazy, they should also stop to consider if the same couldn’t have been done on a single core processor too. And if it couldn’t, then will it be able to perform the tasks I require of it?

    Now lately, iOS has also joined the aresnal of true multi-tasking OS’s, Android’s next release is sure to be bigger. ICS is good, but is it really necessary for us to buy quad-core processor, power hungry devices just for the app ecosystem? Why not look at devices that can do the same job, and maybe even more, and at an arguably lesser price too? The real thing to look at in a smartphone, is not how they look, what they have, but rather the sleek efficiency to carry out a simple task. Symbian and Palm have catered their users with all this and more, their simplicity the mere reason for their existance. Why root for eye candy when you can get a job done more quickly?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Android. It’s just that I’m pointing out the blatant and obvious truth! Why do people still prefer iPhones over Droid’s? Just because of its simplicity and elegance. Android shows a lot of promise, but it does so on the compromise of certain things that users consider vital in a smartphone. High resolution screens for what? You’re going to be watching a movie or playing games or reading books every waking hour of your life! nHD resolution would do great!

    The only real reason the Android app ecosystem is so good is that it’s simple to code apps for Android when compared to Symbian. QT has made it simpler for Symbian, sure, but it’s far away from being as easy as coding for an Android!

  • mehboob

    in hardware quality nokia may be smooth but as far as efficiency concerned nokia can not beat android phone. in Android there are millions or apps to use. belle does not have many apps android is user friendly as well as easily approachable. so droid phones are best to use.

  • bijan

    thus we conclude symbians wins nokia gr8………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis

    Every Android user know why its battery goes down fast. With that dozens of apps, widget, games running in the back ground it certainly needs more clock speed and power than any other phone. And i m managing that well on my SG II, with my task killer n battery manager n charge once a day. Symbian has no other argument aginst Android they just say “Android battery life” that is shit of an argument.
    Dear blogger I fail to understand when u say true multi tasking. Perhaps u have never seen an Android devices. Battery in other devices will not last long if it has a “true multi tasking” with such low memory and clock speed. That is a common sense. Either compromise on battery life, speed, multi tasking, clock speed or memory. Android compromise with none of this.
    Someone said that Nokia maps are better Google. We shall see. Let the Google maps and Google earth integrate properly with Android.Google is working hard on this. And why only these two, there is a huge number of products from Google.
    I don’t know why is Symbian in panic when it is in the market for such a long time “prior” to Android.
    And yes, Android users do not fall prey to what others say. Android is the youngest of all the OS, just 4 yrs. It is still evolving and the so called “issues” of Android will be fixed soon. With Google and its products and reach, the Best from Android is yet to come……!!!!

    • Ture multitasking is supported by only two Oses Meego and Symbian. Android and other Oses freeze applications in backgrouns after a certain numers of open apps.Symbian and Meego are capable of simultaneously running upto 50-60 apps,and all will be working at the same time.That is what is called true multitasking. For your kind info.

  • Dhananjay kumar

    hey, plz tell me. does android has a home button like simbian has


  • Mohit

    @Kamalmishra: Previous version of Nokia Smartphones were good for nothing. Take example of Nokia N72, N70, N85, N95, N96; these belong to the class of S60v2 & S60v3; performance of these phones were poor.

    Thanks to Android that Nokia had worked hard to develop a good smartphone!

    • That’s what good competition can do to you 🙂

    • donald bequer saga

      s60v3 is the first platform to bring a revolution in smart phone with its innovative apps from those of third party developers especially using python and qt . and you also should know that it bought console like gaming experience with releases like the one on n-gage.if you leave apart the eye candy and touch this plat form is still great .Reason i still can’t leave my E90 communicator even after using iPhone and android phones it feels different in it’s own kind some say there are about 110 thousand apps for Nokia but you can find much more apps from third party developers and home brews.

      • The time when touchscreen was not capacitive and the Symbian platform had no competition it certainly ruled, but once the capacitive touchscreesn were introduced Symbian started losing advantage due to the Nokia’s wrong approach of pasting earlier no-touch UI on touch devices. Had they done Belle at that time, Android or Ios could have been buried in silence of grave long time back.

        • Jay

          History is full of tales where the incumbent becomes complacent. Remember DEC (used to be second only to IBM when it came to computers) thinking the PC was a fad? Remember Microsoft saying the Internet was a fad? Nokia never took the iPhone seriously in its early days.

          It was only after the iPhone took off that it started to finally make an effort in touch screen technology. The touchscreen crap coming out of Nokia in the pre-iPhone 2 days were pathetic. It just made Nokia seem so out of touch (no pun intended) when they tried then.

          Yep, the first generation iPhone’s weren’t great phones (they sucked, as a matter of fact), but because these were completely different in the way they worked (the multi-touch screen, the apps), it changed how people viewed phones — and its sales fueled better features in succeeding generations that just buried the Symbian smartphone lead.

          And now, there’s Android that has overtaken iOS as the smartphone OS of choice for consumers. Yes, both platforms are horrible with battery management, but by ceding market share early in the game to them, I am afraid Nokia’s already lost their chance to regain the lead.

          If they are banking on Windows 8, an app store will be critical to success. Folks have come to expect being able to buy third-party an app store and they are not going back. While Windows 8 may be better than iOS or Android, smartphones are all about apps — can they replace an app that folks are already using on their iPhone or Android OS? Its hard to convince folks to switch to a new smartphone OS that doesn’t support what they are currently using.

          I used to own an iPhone, but went back to a Nokia Symbian phone because of some apps I used weren’t fully supported by iOS. I flirted with getting an Android, but was turned off by the dismal battery life of Android phones.

          At this point, I have no allegiance to any vendor. The first new smartphone I see that can last 3-5 days on a charge, can sync with my Google apps (contacts, calendar, etc.), and run the apps I need will be my next phone.

          When I switched from a PC to a Mac, I was astonished how ridiculous it was to transition from Outlook on a PC to Outlook on a Mac. So much so, that I decided to move everything to Google (contacts, calendar, etc.) If Microsoft can see fit to create PC and Mac versions that can’t share data, it made me realize that I cannot trust Microsoft or any vendor selling software for revenue. The saving grace with using Google (calendar, contacts) is that it works on whatever platform I use — and syncs with little effort.

          I don’t think I am too different from most folks adopting a wait-see attitude to see what Nokia comes up with.

  • Edd Myo

    I just don’t understand…nokia’s are so much better than most, maybe all, other phones, and symbian is just great. Still, I have read people saying that symbian is hard to use. About that I feel the complete opposite…symbian is the easiest to use mobile OS ever, and iOS, the most complicated. And what I really don’t understand and would like to, is why the heck, are most apps, only made for iOS and Android?!

    • That hard to use notion was created by initial s60v5 UI and section of tech media.Belle is one of the most usable OS around.The problem of apps can be understood by the announcement done by Nokia that now windows is the main platform for smartphones.

  • sanjay

    Symbian has always been better than Android in terms of less power consumption, smooth performance and true multitasking. Nokia Priority dealer told me and also GSMARENA.COM has also mentioned that Symbian has 1,10,000 apps. Even a single core Symbian Belle smartphone can run faster than quad cord Android smartphone.

  • psyfo

    im stil dreaming 2 c a nokia with a android operating system

  • khaleel

    android is very bad os

    belle is best symbian os
    good look is symbian belle and anna

  • Mohit

    Agree with you; Belle is really impressive. I had used both Android 2.3.7 & Symbian Anna & then Belle. Anna was better in efficiency but look was very sad. But, launch of Belle had changed this. Look is better than Android 2.3.7

    Regarding Apps, I will say one thing; you don’t have to struggle to find the pirated applications designed for Symbian platform but for Android, it’s a very tough job to locate the not so popular one. Free apps are just like garbage bin & I don’t want to waste money while purchasing real HD games on their stores.

    Well, there are 100s of car racing games available on both Nokia store & Android market but none is giving you the best HD games for free. Example includes Asphalt 6, Assasin Creed etc.

    It was so simple for me to get the pirated version of these games for my X7 but for my HTC, I am still in search for the pirated one.

    Regarding maps, Nokia Maps are somewhat better than Google Maps. Even the useless local grocery shops are mentioned in Nokia Maps but the same is not applicable for Google Maps.

  • jowhar shareef

    i am using nokia phones since 6 years. i am satisfies with them. but now nokia phones softwares cannot improves from other os like android, etc

    • Have you tried any of the phones running Nokia Belle.You will be surprised to see how much they have improved.They are as smooth as any of androids+ better battery life and mulitasking.On top of that you have two updates line up Carla and Donna.Can you still say nokia phones software cant’ improve.

  • JollyRoger

    This comparison is simply too short. I was expecting detail on things like:

    Download times for email
    Built-in utilities & apps delivered with the device
    A list of ‘name-brand” apps that are available on both platforms (Angry Birds, Quick Office)
    A comparison of browser UI and performance

    Bring more!

    • @Jolly,
      We based this comparison on highlighting significantly better pros and cons of each of the OS over the other.That’s why it is short.But we will certainly go for a bigger coverage in near future.
      Stay tuned for a bigger comparison which covers more 🙂

    • those who compare bellw with android are techfools
      there brains need some better GPU’s 🙂

      I have a ics tablet (tab2 310). android is just not a phone software-keep a count for number of steps to make a call.
      Nokia has dual text messeging view both folder and thread android does not
      Nokia has an extreme ease in phone book handling while android is a heck to use

      Most importantly android by goodle breaches your privacy personal safety by mapping your life via phone – guys do not use android it may cost you in future of the digital world