Disney’s one of the finest strategic universal game Star Wars: Commander has today scored a big update in Windows store. The latest update brought number of new features like squad war, squad wars factory outpost to the game. Developers has also done some significant improvements for loading time of the game. Check out full change log below.

What’s new in latest update
● Squad Wars – Team up with select squad members to form a party and battle an enemy squad. Capture factory outposts and disable enemy uplinks – lead your squad to victory!
● Factory Outposts – Capture these smuggler-run outposts during a Squad War to gain tactical advantages over the enemy squad!
● Squad War Base – Request and send troops with your squad to maximize the defense of squad bases on Sallust.
● Updated UI – New user interface and improved troop models throughout the game.
● Squad Wars Log – Collect Supply Crate rewards from Squad Wars completed up to 7 days ago.
● New Squad Wars Factory Outpost – Capture the Star ship Weapons Depot on Yavin 4, which increases damage done by star fighters and traps. Fixes and improvements.
● Significant improvement to loading time.
● Multiple crash fixes.

The update has been live on store. Hit following link to grab it from store.
[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdcvdw]