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If reports from Information.com and Digitimes have to be believed, then Sony may be releasing a Windows Phone 8 devices in 2014.

According to The Information’s sources, Microsoft is pursuing Sony and ZTE for adoption of Windows Phone OS. Microsoft can cut down on or completely waive off the licensing fees for encouraging the adoption of Windows Phone platform by these manufacturers. This Sony Windows Phone may carry the “Vaio” branding as well and it could serve as a vehicle for Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services. It may come by mid-2014.

Digitimes reports that,

Through the cooperation deal, Sony Mobile aims to sell its WP8 phone to telecom operators in the US, while Microsoft aims to tap the Japan market in order to expand the global share of WP8 phones, said the sources.

Sony Mobile and Taiwan-based ODM Compal Communications have nailed down orders for 1-2 models, with an additional 2-3 models still under discussion, noted the sources, adding that order volumes for the initial 1-2 models will reach only tens of thousands of units each.

Thanks our own Rogers for the tip. Cheers!!

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