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Software Update for Nokia X (RM-980)


Nokia is rolling out a new software update for Nokia X Dual-SIM (RM-980) and the first noticeable change is in the way OS/Firmware number was displayed. It is from the previous 11.1.1

Other key changes include

  • Get stability, performance & other usability improvements to your phone.
  • Microsoft OneDrive and Contact Transfer apps added.
  • Updated version of Nokia Store client.

I hope this fixes some of the stability issues people had with their Nokia X devices like the Battery Status not filling up when the phone was changed while turned on. If you own a Nokia X, do report about your experience with the new update.

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Narender Singh

Student of Business, but tech still remains the topmost interest. Nokia fan for life and has been using Nokia phones since my first phone. Starting with a Nokia 1200, present is a Symbian and future will surely bring a Lumia :) Also played with droids, but still ♥ Nokia. Blog at and here at NPU.
Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • Sir , my nokia x is behaving very weird at times .I get a call and i am not able to pick. it kind of hangs.most of the times i am not able to disconnect the call .I have to request person at other end to disconnect. I really had great impression of Nokia – was a big fan

  • ibrahim usman

    Please is there any Nokia android x2 version 2.0 Os rom for Nokia xl and x+. I’m 100%sure it’s gonna work for Nokia xl

  • How to update Nokia xl to version I’m in Niger republic niamey city

    • khuma

      Visit the nokia care at your territory..
      By the way can your nokia xl play any online video from website like youtube?because my mine is can’t…

      • Of course it can just install flash player and get into Nokia browser with your phone

  • Im in Niger republic niamey city please any way to update my xl to version

  • Hi am using Nokia xl in Niger republic,Niamey city since I bought d phone der is no new update available wen I press d check now buton it shows me ur phone is up to date n I want d version 1.2.2 not 11.1.1

  • i cant use whatsapp on my nokia x , av already updated to the latest firmware which is the but yet it doesnt work, i have tried all i could, its really frustrating , i just bought the phone yesterday and am beginning to regret buying it already

    • hi frnd ,whatsapp is workng in nokia x ,follow my instructn ,goto google type watsapp plus.apk and download and install it

  • BugsBunny

    Afte updating my phone to there is a noticeable problem. My sd card keep on popping on the fastlane saying something like it is now properly removed.

  • I cant access my downloaded files in Nokia RM 980, even my transferred music. Any help please?

  • kennel

    i bought a nokia rm-980 here in philippines..its a dual sim but my problem is i can’t use a sun sim..i can only use a smart sim only.. can anyone pls help me..

    • Maybe Sun uses different cellular bands not supported by your phone. You need to check with Sun.

  • Nilesh

    nokia x dual sim RM-980 model not supported whatsapp

  • aseef

    can i updated the new version of nokia x means not the any other version?

  • Babak

    Hi, I have problem with usb driver. My ex phone that was sony its usb driver installed easy but nokia X usb driver is not installed. anyone help?

  • Pat

    Heard about his New Update to but i keep checking my phone for updates and i keep pressing the “check now” button yet it keeps saying my phone is updated yet it is still in! please help!

    • Pat

      i mean 11.1.1

      • Try using NSU. If that doesn’t show an update either, the update is not pushed to your Product Code. Perhaps Nokia Care can help 🙂

        • Patrick

          What’s an NSU?

  • I can’t update my nokia x usb driver on my windows pc after the update. because of that. I can’t root my device. please help…

    • I think the drivers are still the same. Why you need to update?

  • dipit

    there are vertical lines occuring on my nokia xl’s screen,can u please help me

  • Anuj

    super su not uninstall in my Nokia x how to completer remover supersu plz help us

  • rabbiya zahid

    my contact list is doubling there are two names of one contact wht should i do ?

  • ahmed basra

    can anyone please tell me when is the new update for nokia x coming???????

  • Remi

    After the update, the area around the key 2 and key 5 does not respond accurately to touch. I have done several resets, yet no success. its frustrating.

    • I don’t think that was caused by the update. Still, check with a Nokia Care Center if they have a solution.

  • shimul

    Whenever I am using Bluetooth / 3G or Listening to Music , The battery drain within 1.5 Hours (average)….I use doodle launcher in my phone…. And how can I set directory to memory card of Bluetooth folder?…. Can you help?…Please

  • I installed the update now. It’s good and i did not loose any icons. there’s also a notable improved performance. My device is not rooted though

  • Andy

    I have a rooted device. It notified about the update. I applied the update. But it wasn’t successful.

    • Kamal

      May be since its rooted, it has compatibility issues with latest update.

  • yatin

    fota update nokia x rm-980 059v301

  • Souma Paul

    After updating my phone to version 1.1.2 my whatsapp stopped working. Any help on this.

  • Manish Kumar Jha

    i lost several apps icon after upgrading. anyone know how to restore the icons? i can still access the apps by changing the launcher, not from the grid menu of Nokia x.

    restarting the phone is no use.

  • bilal

    please tell me how i intal whatsapp on nokia x???????

  • shalabh

    I have a rooted device. It notified about the update. I applied the update. But it wasn’t successful.
    I unrooted the device but now it is not showing any update availability.

  • sherif

    i get this message when install most application ” there was a problem parsing the package”

  • hey i lost several apps icon after upgrading. anyone know how to restore the icons? i can still access the apps by searching it in the fast lane, not from the grid menu.

    restarting the phone is no use.

    • ladyseller05

      I also experienced same thing,upon software update, some of my apps icon disappeared even though its still installed upon searching.. How can I restore the icons?

  • Gia Phi

    So sad they did remove the backup/restore function from stock recovery.

  • I too have experienced the “battery-charge not increasing” issue.
    Moreover I saw the Nokia XL OS which is quite more impressive than NOKIA the same OS could also be given in NOKIA X

    • Ahmed Basra

      hi i m ahmed and i m from Pakistan i m also using nokia x and update is available in pakistan so can some tell me that does the mix radio of nokia work in pakistan or not

      • AFAIK, Nokia Music/Mix Radio service is not available in Pakistan.

    • Romeo Samson

      Hi Anidon!

      Is your battery not increasing resolved? Cause still have this problem. Please help how you do it.


  • Rahul

    I am using nokia x in India , Please give voice command in nokia X and my phone is get worm when I use it , One more thing Nokia have give a feature to wake up phone by double touch but it doesn’t work in my device And It also crushes some apps . It doesn’t run 720p video , Nokia store is Also very slow , My app take much time to download as compared to 3rd party store

    • tap to wake issue is very common,you have to tap twice very hard..there i no known solution available. heating issue is fine ,facing same issue.
      crashing app issue solve after updating! so try to update the phone! 🙂

  • emre

    i have nokia dual sim in turkey and i check the updates everyday and unfortunately i havent got the version 11.1 what can ı do?why i cant get version 11 and 12?

    • In certain situations, FOTA updates are not detected by the phone. This is not something new for the Nokia phones.
      For now, can you please leave your product code here and I will check at FiRe if an update was actually pushed towards your variant. Find it in the about section of your phone or below the battery. It starts with 059