Qualcomm has today announced its Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 processors. These two processors succeed Snapdragon 653 and 626 processors and pack some features only seen on Snapdragon 8XX series of higher-tier processors until now. Qualcomm mentions Qualcomm Spectra camera ISP, Qualcomm Kryo CPU, and Hexagon Vector eXtensions (HVX) as example of features seen only in 800 tier previously.

To give these new platforms even more of a kick, we’re bringing features to our Snapdragon 600-tier platform that were previously only found in the 800 tier, including the Qualcomm Spectra camera ISP, Qualcomm Kryo CPU, and Hexagon Vector eXtensions (HVX).

CPU and GPU:

Snapdragon 660 will be combined with Adreno 512 GPU for up to a 30 percent improvement in performance compared to the previous generation, the Adreno 510 GPU. It packs Kryo 260 CPU, an octa-core configuration, designed to contribute to an overall 20 percent improvement in performance over the Snapdragon 653.

The Snapdragon 630 comes with the Adreno 508 GPU, engineered to support lifelike visuals, efficient rendering for 3D graphics, and an up-to 30 percent improvement in performance compared to the Adreno 506 GPU. Its eight-core CPU is engineered to perform 10 percent better than the Snapdragon 625 processor.

This is good news for games and powerusers out there.

Specs & Features:

  • Qualcomm All-Ways Aware technology, a sensor hub engineered to continually collect data without gobbling up battery life. The hub collects and processes information, allowing devices to track location, sense motion, and predict behavior.
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 is designed for up-to 20 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient than its predecessor. Five minutes of charging can power 5 hours of talk time; 15 minutes of charging can bring a phone’s battery up 50 percent.
  • The 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra 160 ISP supports cameras that capture up to 24 megapixels single ISP images with zero shutter lag. Spectra is also designed to deliver smooth zoom, lightning-fast autofocus, and true-to-life colors for vivid photos.
  • 4K video capture and playback is integrated, so users can record high-definition videos at 30 frames per second, straight from the device.
  • The Snapdragon 630 supports up to 13MP + 13MP for dual cameras, while the 660 bumps that up to 16MP + 16MP. The 660 is also equipped with the Qualcomm Hexagon 680 DSP, which incorporates HVX. HVX is designed to support higher camera performance by taking on tasks traditionally handled by the ISP through advanced computer vision and powerful yet efficient image processing.
  • Qualcomm EcoPix display technology is designed to allow easy viewing even in harsh sunlight.
  • Improved Qualcomm TruPalette technology is made to display accurate colors that match what you see in “real life” with what’s seen on screen.
  • The Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec is engineered to deliver Hi-Fi audio — quality fit for recording studios — on the go. It supports up to 192-kHz/24-bit playback, with extremely low distortion and high dynamic range.
  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 LTE modem, a first for 600-tier processors, supports download speeds of up to 600 Mbps
  • An advanced RF Front End support, which includes TruSignal adaptive antenna technology with carrier aggregation, is designed to optimize signal quality, so you can use your phone in even the most remote places
  • Support for Bluetooth 5 which can double a device’s transfer speed and quadruple its Bluetooth range
  • A new and powerful location engine with support for new constellations, engineered for fast location fix, enhancements to support mandatory emergency service requirements, and smooth pedestrian navigation
  • In addition to these technologies, the Snapdragon 660 supports 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi. That means a stronger signal. This is especially beneficial in houses and offices made of thick brick and concrete walls, engineered to allow for a better connection in the entire space without coverage dead spots. Compared to its predecessor, the Snapdragon 653, the 660 is designed to support up to 2X the data throughput, allowing users to enjoy unfettered video, faster downloads, and an excellent connectivity experience.

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Source: Qualcomm