“Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge by the Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has been mentioned in an article at Nokia Conversations.

It was done at CES and recently at MWC in Barcelona using a Nokia Lumia 800. The aim is to give people $100 cash if their smartphone can beat a Windows Phone on everyday tasks.

According to Microsoft team, Tasks like just sending the simple texts to your favourite people is much quicker on a Nokia Lumia than any other phone. If you want to take a photo, tag it and upload it to Facebook, Nokia Lumia will beat most competitors in terms of speed. The Windows Phone doesn’t win every time, though. They have got videos of Windows Phone genuinely beating others, and they even show the odd occasion when they don’t win, too.

Now a very interesting info comes out. The only phone that beat Lumia 800 in taking a photo, tagging it and uploading it to Facebook,was none other than amazing 808 PureView. So what says guys ,Windows Phone VS Symbian Belle FP1.

Check the video below for one of the “smoked by windows phone challenge” result .You can follow the link for all such videos.

Videos link