Slack Beta received a major update for Windows Phone with lots of fixes and improvements. The latest update also adds Do Not Disturb feature.


The all-new Do Not Disturb feature is now fully supported on Windows Phone, making it easier than ever to see all the messages you want to see when you want to see them, not see them when you don’t, removing the worry about whether you might be disturbing others when you had no intention of doing that.


  • The super-annoying bug that signed users out when all they wanted was to switch apps (which is not too much to ask) has been given short shrift and told to take a hike, because frankly, that made the app look very needy indeed, which is not a good look for software.
  • An issue where the + button in the channel list was hidden for some users based on team prefs, hey presto reappearo, it is now where it should be.
  • The alignment of the + button in channel list, as well as that pesky invisibility issue.
  • An issue where the image detail view header was not correctly decoding the html (so you’d have > instead of >), which made for disappointing attempts at ascii art.
  • Profile fields had incorrect default text if the profile didn’t have a value for that field (if your real name was not set it would display the design team’s placeholder text, which would have been a terrible name for those concerned).
  • When adding a new team the header hint text might have been considered incorrect. Because it was. Now it isn’t.
  • An issue where the user could get stuck while signing in to additional teams. Let nothing hold you back. Even us.
  • Presence indicators in header should be easier to see now. They were previously the same color as in the side bar which understandably made it hard — occasionally impossible — to see when a person was offline.
  • An issue where newly created DMs did not automatically navigate to the conversation view has been course-corrected and now knows exactly where to go.
  • An issue on newly created MPDMs where an infinite loading spinner appearing after suspending and resuming the app. Or possibly infinite. While that would be an intriguing proposition, we’ll never know now, because we fixed it — making it, by definition, finite.


  • Performance improvements – it can always be better
  • Starring and viewing starred items
  • Improved file commenting
  • Search
  • Offline support
  • Channel Info view
  • More integration with Windows Phone specific features

Download Slack Beta for Windows Phone

Thanks Viju for the tip !!