Slack Beta for Windows Phone received a major update for Windows Phone devices. The latest update bumps app version to 2015.1219.955.0 bringing few new features, improvements and bug fixes.



  • Joy to the Windows Phone user: The app now comes fully furnished with Multi-team support. You’ll find it right next to all your channels in your team.


  • A pesky habit the app had of becoming unresponsive after signing out and signing back in has been trained out of it.

  • Animated GIFs were appearing as static images, which defeated the object. Everything’s better now.

  • Tapping the icon of a file in details, no longer has a bad behavior.

  • Group Messages over a certain age could not be found. We no longer discriminate: ALL Group Messages (and everything else) can be found.

  • Situations where you were unable to receive MPDM notifications have been (hopefully) eradicated.

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