Nokia X and Nokia X2 family of devices have recently seen Nokia Store vanishing and giving way to Opera Mobile app store. With this option of installing 3rd party Android app stores listed at Nokia Store is also gone. Opera Mobile store as we understand is not as rich in terms of apps availability and even lacks some must-have apps.

We have got many questions from Nokia X owners regarding the 3rd-party Android app stores availability and in this article, we list some of the best Android app store options, that you can install on your Nokia X and Nokia X2 family of devices and get apps like WhatsApp conveniently.

How to install App stores on your Nokia:

While some of these Android App stores are reachable via a web link only, some of them can be installed on your Phone. In case, you see an APK file while clicking on any download link provided for stores, you can install them by following below steps.

  1. Click on install links provided below to download the APK files on your devices
  2. Tap on the apk to install the 3rd party stores on your devices.
  3. Just make sure that, you have done this already, open Settings, scroll down and tap on security —>Here, tick the box in front of Unknown Sources–>Accept the warning.

Top Android app stores (Google Play Store alternatives)

Amazon App store:

The best alternative because of quality and safe apps and you get one paid app as free daily. Install by following below link and create an Amazon account for free for logging in.

Install link

F-Droid :

F-Droid a complete free app manager app for Android devices. It allows you to download app through clients. Apps available in this store are listed by their FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) category. In this store, the apps  do not have any rating.

Download link

Aptoide :

Aptoide is also one of the very popular because of it’s unique feature.It is popular among users of Play Store also because there are very good chances that you can get a paid app for free in this store.Although the authenticity of paid apps is questionable at times as most of them are full of ads.

Download Link


Again it is one of those 3rd party stores that focus on safety. To install the app, go to on your phone.

Yandex link


Very Popular and offers cool apps.

Install link


One of the largest 3rd party Android app store. Nokia X and X2 owners may be familiar with this store.

Install link


SlideME hosts over 30,000 curated applications from the Android developers and has a good control over quality.

Install link


One of the well-known Android stores around.

Install link

ApkMirror :

ApkMirror is not an app store but a website which allows us to download APKs & install it manually. It is the most used APK website worldwide.This site has collection of mostly all the APKs of apps with each & every version .You can get APKs of paid apps also in this website. It has a very good design with search bar on the top. The searching, finding & downloading process is also nice.



It is also a website cum web app store.There isn’t any app available for this store but this store also has a huge collection of apps with all the versions in detailed view. GetJar was also available for Symbian based devices. As the name suggests it was used to find .jar files for Nokia phones running Symbian.