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Defending sales of Nokia’s D&S division to Microsoft, Chairman Risto Siilasmaa has said that the ongoing Nokia-MS mutual equation was not viable as per Microsoft’s point of view.

Microsoft had been forced to act because of the money it was losing in supporting Lumia marketing efforts, Siilasmaa said. For every handset sold, Nokia paid Microsoft a US$10 licence fee to use its software, but Microsoft paid Nokia US$20 to support its marketing efforts.

“From Microsoft’s point of view, the equation does not work,” he said.

He also defended Elop and revealed about Nokia getting other offers when Microsoft approached them with theirs.

Siilasmaa, who has stepped in as interim chief executive, defended his predecessor, saying: “I have never met anyone who had done as much work as Stephen has done.”

He revealed that other companies had expressed an interest in buying Nokia at the time of Microsoft’s approach, but the board considered the US group’s offer to be the best option for shareholders.

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