Last we reported a shootout between 808 PureView and Samsung’s Android running “Galaxy Camera” and the conclusion drawn by “GSMArena” was that if you want better quality image and resolved detail, then go for 808 PureView. Now, Pocketnow has pitted the other PureView, Lumia 920 against the Galaxy camera and guess what ? Lumia 920 compares pretty well to the compact camera in Daylight and mixed light conditions while just beats it with a big margin in “Dark to low light” conditions. Samsung Galaxy Camera is not able to match it even with the “Night Mode” on. Though the 21X zoom, certainly gives Galaxy Camera edge in some situations.

That’s where Nokia’s Imaging team deserves a pat on their back, because even Galaxy Camera boasts of “OIS“, but can’t match the low light prowess of Lumia 920’s PureView camera. As Nokia loves to put it, “PureView” is not just hardware, but a mix of “optics, software, hardware” which gives the class-leading imaging capability !!

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