SHAREit for Windows Phone received a new update to version The latest update doesn’t contain any new features, however we assume some minor fixes and improvements included in this update. If you don’t know, SHAREit app allows to transfer files between devices in seconds.


  • Photos, music and video easily to share with friends at any time, having fun with friend.

  • Transferring files between phone and computer at any time, trandferring is no longer limited.

  • Cellular data free

  • Equipments could transfer files as long as they are on the same LAN at any time.

  • Without LAN? Equipments connected to hotspots that created by one of them, always could transfer files at any time.

  • Transfer files over hotspots is not using cellular data.

  • Not support transfer files over hotspots that created by Windows Phone.

  • Multi-platform · SHAREit has come to Android, iOS ,Windows and Windows Phone.

Download SHAREit for Windows Phone

Thanks Ayush for the tip!!