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Second Nokia N1 batch sells out in minutes again. Next batch arrival on January 22


Nokia N1 sold outNokia N1‘s first batch of 20,000 sold out in China in matter of 4 minutes leaving some half million interested buyers, high and dry.

Second batch was opened for sales today and it also sold out in minutes it seems, though tipster says it lasted longer than 4 minutes. Details are still awaited as how many units were actually available in second batch and how many buyers were interested this time around. We will update this article, as we gather the details.

Next Nokia N1 batch will arrive on January 22nd and one can already register their interest starting 16th January.

Nokia N1 can be simply termed as the best 8-inch Tablet out there with its unbeatable price (USD 257), best-in-class Benchmark performance, beautiful design and features, it packs. Read our Nokia N1 vs iPad Mini vs Jolla Tablet vs Nexus 9 comparison to get a good idea about how Nokia N1 compares to  heavyweights iPad Mini and Nexus 9 Tablet in terms of key specs and features. You can also read its camera details and watch sample image by clicking here.

We have all the specs and features listed at our dedicated Nokia N1 product page.


Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • Fausto

    What is selling is the Nokia brand, who cares if it has LagDroid… If it is a Nokia, I must have it(if I need it of course).
    Looking at the sales, I would say that they are selling it faster than refrigerators sold to the Inuit people…(If you understand why Inuits need refrigerators) 😀
    Is good to see that Nokia is going up again…

    • JLIT99

      I’m assuming that you haven’t used an Android device in the last year and a half.. Serious changes to multitasking have taken place including an entirely new runtime for executing apps.

      My low-mid end Moto G doesn’t lag at all. Sometimes, a few apps crash, but it’s rare. My L520 lags on the ‘Resuming’ screen all the time though.

  • JLIT99

    ..and people claimed that a Nokia with Android wouldn’t sell 😉

    • People (err. Nokia itself) claimed that because Nokia didn’t wanted to sell one. Supporters of Nokia always went against android to stand with Nokia while Androidians always dreamed of Nokia hardware and design packed with android.

      • JLIT99

        Well, I’ve always been a supporter of Nokia, but when everyone sided with WP, I didn’t become anti-Android.

        I even thought Nokia should make an Android when they were still using MeeGo for their strategy (at that time, I didn’t even own an Android, but still owned a Symbian..). After switching to Android, I did buy a Lumia to try, but it was a mistake in hindsight.

        And I’m not sure it was actually Nokia that claimed it, it was more like Elop who was manufacturing the propaganda which all the other staff readily consumed and propagated.