Nokia N1 sold outNokia N1‘s first batch of 20,000 sold out in China in matter of 4 minutes leaving some half million interested buyers, high and dry.

Second batch was opened for sales today and it also sold out in minutes it seems, though tipster says it lasted longer than 4 minutes. Details are still awaited as how many units were actually available in second batch and how many buyers were interested this time around. We will update this article, as we gather the details.

Next Nokia N1 batch will arrive on January 22nd and one can already register their interest starting 16th January.

Nokia N1 can be simply termed as the best 8-inch Tablet out there with its unbeatable price (USD 257), best-in-class Benchmark performance, beautiful design and features, it packs. Read our Nokia N1 vs iPad Mini vs Jolla Tablet vs Nexus 9 comparison to get a good idea about how Nokia N1 compares to  heavyweights iPad Mini and Nexus 9 Tablet in terms of key specs and features. You can also read its camera details and watch sample image by clicking here.

We have all the specs and features listed at our dedicated Nokia N1 product page.


Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!