Here is yet another interesting camera comparisons involving the Nokia 808 PureView and the latest flagship from Samsung, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Nokia 808 PureView is the Nokia smartphone flagship that first introduced the idea of pixel-binning and a big-size 48MP smartphone sensor. This helped it in achieving unparalleled imaging quality for its generation and many more to come.

It featured the greatest smartphone camera of its time and that too it mated with Xenon flash. If you want to refresh your memories about its capability check our comparison of Nokia N8 against 808 PureView.

Now, coming to the comparison of Nokia 808 PureView against Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, both are almost 7 generations apart. So, in terms of of the tech employed Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G sounds much superior on paper with a 108MP sensor.

But the reviewer doesn’t find much juice in new 108MP sensor. He says that only its native dynamic range has improved. When you delve into the comparison and check the images from both smartphones side by side the Nokia 808 PureView still holds it own in may comparison sets. The Nokia 808 PureView images look more natural.

Check the comparison video below.