I don’t know, if this is valid for India only, but if you wanted to buy premium apps and couldn’t do it due to pricing then it is right time to add Premium apps to your Symbian, S60V5 or other devices. The premium apps are now available for as less as 5 INR and almost at a discount of up to 80%.

Just scrolling through apps, I noted that pricing for Joikuspot 2012 edition is just 35 INR while it was 150 INR earleir. Similarly SwipeUnlock is now available for 10 INR. Then I checked for other apps and what I found is that most of the premium apps for Symbian and S60V5 devices are available for less than 1/4th of their normal prices. I have not checked it yet for Meego and S40 but seems they are also available on discount.

So I am on a shopping spree now. I added ThreadSms, CameraPro, JoikuSpot to my C6 as well.

Rush and grab till the offer lasts!!