801 Belle phone

The photo looks like N9 running Belle OS. It might be dream of any Symbian fan to get N9’s charming design with powerful Symbian/Nokia Belle OS and UI.

Smartphonegeeks.in has posted this picture and an article.They also say that their source confirmed this phone will be revealed very soon and the main features are given below,

  •  4-inches AMOLED ClearBlack Display.
  •  Resolution to be 360×640
  •  1.4 GHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 12MP Camera
  • Autofocus and Dual-LED Flash with 1080p FullHD recording on-board.
  • Nokia Belle.
  • No physical buttons on the front side of the phone.

Now I have few problems with this rumor which I would mention below,

  • The picture can be created using MS Paint. Somebody can paste Belle OS picture from some other phone to a N9 or Lumia 800 pic.
  • 12 MP camera is very difficult to get without a slight hump at back, as we have seen with N8.Though 4 inch screen size may make the hump thinner.
  • 1080 Full HD recording seems difficult/impossible with single core
  • 1.4 Ghz processor is more like windows phone
  • With Carla being tested, N8 successor will come with Carla and not Belle

Hence it seems difficult to take it as a genuine leak at this stage. But any ways good to see many people interested in that N8’cameraBelle/Carla OS and N9 design coming together.

I am also a big fan of both. So, Is Nokia listening.