A new rumor is doing rounds in China. We will suggest you to take it with a pinch of salt as it is exciting and confusing at the same time. As per this rumor Nokia N series, the original high-end Flagship smartphone series from Nokia will be reborn.

The rumor next claims that the first device in this series will run on Sanpdragon 6XX series of processor. Here comes the confusing part. An smartphone with Snapdragon 6XX processor will at best be a high-end mid-ranger. so, it should ideally not belong to N series.

The image posted with this message shows a smartphone in the extreme corner with N-Series inscribed nearby on Table. But does it reveal anything??

Also, it seems bit strange that after launching Nokia 6 as Nokia 6, HMD will be launching other smartphones as Nokia Nxx or Nokia Pxx. Anyways the rumor further claims that this particular mid-ranger has already entered into mass-production.

The translation of the text posted on Weibo roughly reads,

Website reviewers claim to get a brand N series real machine, is said to enter mass production models, the first target to reach 50 million units, product line is expedited rush, this configuration with the Xiao Long 6 Series, the old powder We should be able to contented, and how to see the new powder?One after another of the new, it seems that this company is bent.
Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!