Update: As expected the render isn’t real. It seems to be a concept as per the link given in comments. Specs are also fake.


According to an article speculating about Lumia 950 aka EOS, above so-called leaked image is an actual render of the device. From the render it looks like having an Aluminium unibody and color profile like Lumia 925. The rumor put screens size to be 4.8 inch and similar WXGA resolution as of other high-end Lumias. That’s true given the fact that RM-877 and RM-875 both AT&T and global variants have been reported to have WXGA resolution.

The article further quotes the FFC to be 2 MP a first of any Lumia and a huge battery of 3100 mAH onboard. Regarding the rear shooter the author says, according to trusted sources it will not be 41 MP sensor but rather only 16 MP sensor which will obviously be bigger than Lumia 920’s sensor in size.

About release date, she mentions 3rd quarter availability, which is what we also expect, a July announcement followed by release.

Well, if you ask us about our opinion about the above image and rumored specs, then the above images doesn’t look real to be frank!! The specs also contradict to what we know till now. 16 MP in place of 41 MP is heard for the first time.

So, what do you think?

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers!!