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Retail Nokia 6 TA-1000 gets rooted finally. Check the tutorial


All Nokia Android smartphones come with unlocked bootloader making things like rooting nearly impossible. While HMD has promised to unlock the bootloader of Nokia smartphones in due time, the mooder community never rests.

So, a well-known Nokia enthusiast Hikari Calyx who loves to collect and show off Nokia prototypes has succeeded in rooting the retail unit of Nokia 6 Chinese variant TA-1000. He has used a custom TWRP recovery available in only Chinese language. But the steps provided by him have been replicated successfully by at least one XDA forum member.

We don’t recommend to root your phones as it can be harmful and brick your phone, so do it at your risk if you want to do it. Check the tutorial posted by Hikari Calyx below.

Nokia 6 TA-1000 rooting tutorial:

First, you need to download OFW of Nokia 6, install OST LA and patch it.
You can download them from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nok…dated-t3678487

(Although the link is for Nokia 8, firmware for Nokia 6 is still available)


If you own an unlocked prototype device, just skip to step 6.

 1. Open OST LA from INSTALLATION DIRECTORY DIRECTLY instead of Start Menu.
2. Load your OFW you downloaded with extension name nb0.
3. Power off your phone, then connect it to your PC. This will boot your phone to “Download mode” directly, in fact it’s fastboot mode.
4. Click “Edit Phone Info” on OST LA. This will load a service purposed bootloader. When your phone reboots and re-enters the Download mode, the service purposed bootloader is now loaded.
5. You can close OST LA when it prompts “Boot FTM mode fail”, or just kill it in task manager if it’s not responding.
6. Open a command prompt or PowerShell in OST LA Installation Directory, then execute this command to flash a custom recovery:
.\fastboot-android flash recovery E:\recovery.img

I assume that you put the custom recovery in drive E and named as recovery.img.
You can also use your own fastboot if you want, but I’ll prefer the one provided along with OST LA.
I used the recovery from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nok…kia-6-t3650499

7. Type this command but do not execute right now:

.\fastboot-android reboot

8. Now this step is a little tricky. Press and hold [Volume Up] and [Power] on your phone, then execute the command above at the same time. DO NOT RELEASE both keys on your phone until your phone entered the custom recovery.
9. Now your phone has entered a custom recovery. In this example, we’re using TWRP from Chinese 7to forum, only Chinese is available. I believe most of members on XDA can’t read Chinese, so I’ll attach screenshots. Simply tap “Advanced” – “SuperSU ROOT” will root your phone. If you prefer your own root zip update package like Magisk, tap “Install Zip” then flash your own zip package in your storage, or tap “Advanced” – “ADB Sideload” then use ADB to sideload a zip package.
10. After your phone rooted, you can reboot your phone. I don’t know if it’s still capable of getting further OTA updates, but I’ll recommend you to disable automatic update in settings.

You can head to XDA forum for more.

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