Kinoni Remote Desktop is an application, which allows you to control and  use your desktop computer from your Symbian Belle device. Features and highlights of the application are given as,

  • Kinoni Remote Desktop is the fastest PC remote control app.
  • You can watch Flash videos, play games and use office applications.
  • You can now use in-app purchase to get full audio support, best video quality and ad-free unlimited use.
  • Computer running Windows XP or later required, for best performance a dual-core CPU recommended.
  • All the devices should use the same WLAN.

How to connect and use:

Download windows driver from the following address.

After running and installing this driver on your PC, it will ask for a password for connecting from Phone.

Now you can open the application on the phone and use the IP address of the PC which will be shown in the app. You can also use new connection and can enter the IP address of the PC. On giving the password it will allow to see and use the PC desktop.

App Download link