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Continuum For Phones made to work on Lumia 635, 640, 830, 930, 1520.

So, we reported earlier (below you can read) about Continuum for Phones working on a Lumia 830 and it now seems there were no actual hardware limitations. Another enthusiast gets it working on a 512 MB Lumia 635. You can easily guess that performance wise it may not be the best device to get Continuum on. But if Continuum is enabled on a 512 MB Lumia 635, it seems all the limitations mentioned by Microsoft were really self-imposed.

continuum Lumia 930

Not only Lumia 635 and Lumia 830 but even Lumia 640, 930 and 1520 can run Continuum with the yet undisclosed trick.

Back in October 2015, we had reported via our sources that Continuum for Phones is possible with even other (older) devices and Microsoft may enable it with an update later. And it seems it was really possible all the way. Guess what a Registry Edit has made Continuum for Phone work on a Lumia 830.

This has been done by well-known Windows 10 enthusiast and dev of “Interop Tools”, Gustave. He has posted images of Continuum working with Lumia 830. So, while it is not a definitive evidence that it will work with other devices too, we can easily make a guess that devices like Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 with better processor must be able to run Continuum too.

It is not known yet how he was able to do it, but we will keep you posted if we come to know more.



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  • andres nicolas

    And how is that possible?

  • teeechomarine

    Then an idea comes up to me, maybe MS just “hide” project astoria?

  • teeechomarine

    So, can i run continuum even in 550?

  • Rivanda Bakhtiar

    If phone like 830 with SD400 & 1gb ram could handle it, so I think 730 & 640 (and 640 XL as well) could also handle it right?

  • AnumPreto

    MS is a liar!!!

  • Giorgos Papaspyros

    You know what? It’s disgusting.
    I mean what MS is doing with its loyal users is disgusting.

    They abandoned WP7 users with cutting their access to Skype services,
    they betrayed the majority of WP8 users’ trust with the W10 upgrade,
    they fooled Windows mobile users with Continuum,
    they focus and prioritize elsewhere whilst withdrawing support from their beta state platform.
    A bunch of examples.

    How can one trust this firm’s services?

    • Pyrobri

      Quit your bitching and go buy an Android Spybox then