So, HMD confirmed Android O roll-out to Nokia Android smartphones when it will be released by Google in an official statement given to us. HMD has also made it clear that all Nokia Android Phones will receive minimumĀ two years of OS update support.

But, perhaps it is always good to be doubly sure about it when it comes to Nokia 3, which runs on a MediaTek processor, a company not so well-known for supporting Android updates with drivers. So, here is one more official confirmation or we can say reconfirmation about Android O (Android 8.0) for Nokia 3.

Google may soon release final Android 8.0 build for its Beta testers and also make it available for vendors to test and push. So, while we can’t expect an immediate roll-out of Android 8.0 to Nokia 3, 5 and 6 given HMD’s good work with Monthly security updates we can expect a faster roll-out schedule as compared to other vendors.

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Thanks Mehul for sending this tip. Cheers!!