Today we will share our impressions of two QT based Symbian Anna/Belle applications created by Abhishek aka “the showstopper” . Both are slick and powerful application in their own right.


This is a welcome application for us Bloggers far superior than the native one. Features and some wish from our side is enlisted below,

  • It has got far better UI  than compared to the native word press application.
  • Options and performance are far better and one can easily see the posts and also editing is far better than native one.
  • Image upload options are more with options for alignment and title available.
  • Still we wish that if option for selection of a particular image from the phone gallery can be there, it will be very helpful, as in phone gallery of my N8, I always have hundreds of pictures.

Check the pictures below for more insight into the UI.

Download Link


This is also a QT based application which provides

  • full Flickr functionality
  • Very fluid and intuitive user interface.
  • Browsing of photo streams, interestingness, photoset, galleries, recent and much more
  • Adding photos to galleries, searching photos
  • All flickr upload options
 Check below for screenshots and download link.

Download Link