We just received more screenshots of the same “Belle Refresh” Firmware available at RDA. One of the screenshots confirms that Qt 4.8 is actually coming with Belle Refresh update, which should result significant performance improvement in the 1st Gen devices.

Thanks Hendrik for sending these in and Thanks “Ernesto” for the heads up.

Now time to update our Probable changelog with this info,

  • Qt 4.8 resulting in significant performance boost.
  • Browser version 8.3 with HTML5 support.
  • New version of Music Player.
  • Bit of processor speed bump on the lines of full FP1 for  603, 700 and 701. A bump to 1 Ghz is expected as some reports say, 1st Gen Belle device processor have capability to go as high as 1Ghz.
  • Many new Widgets, available only with Belle FP1 Firmware on 603,700 and 701 are also making their way to 1st Gen Belle devices.

Check the Gallery below for more screenshots sent by Hendrik, which confirm what is not coming with “Belle Refresh” in his words.

  • Showing old taskmanager.
  • Still old contacts widget, not the one which is in Taylors leak (it has a quick-tab option when touching a contact, this one here is still the old one so maybe Taylors widget is custom and not original nokia).
  • No new option to show new emails on notification lights, so maybe no option to show email notifications in bar.
  • In German language still the old annoying text mistake “Music player” but it should be “Musik-Player”, in Belle FP1 it was corrected.