Damian Dinning, the Nokia Imaging Guru has sought to explain questions posed to him regarding the advantages of PureView cameras of 808 PureView and Lumia 920 over each other. He has explained it in a series of tweets and we are consolidating it for your reading pleasure.

But in a nutshell,

It seems 808 PureView will provide better details in images, lossless zoom in both stills and video and much better audio recording. While Lumia 920 has advantage in better low-light images in auto mode, smoother video capture and camera capability extension with new digital lenses.

Read the full consolidated info from Damian,

  • In situations where camera movement is not an issue, 808 will provide more detailed images with less noise due to oversampling.
  • Where camera movement is evident for either stills (typically low light) or videos Lumia 920 will be better due to OIS.
  • In low light if devices are handheld and used in auto mode Lumia 920 will be better due to OIS – no blur and brighter images.
  • 808 is used in night mode or manual ISO allowing speeds to 2.7 secs and supported it will provide better images due to oversampling.
  • In video, for most people, due to OIS you’ll get smoother looking videos with Lumia 920.
  • However in video 808 does provide lossless zoom oversampling due to high res sensor.
  • In terms of audio recording, the difference is mono in the Lumia 920 vs stereo in 808 .
  • 808 due to high res sensor has lossless zoom in stills and as already mentioned also in video.
  • Lumia 920 thanks to the new capabilities of the WP8 platform can use ‘lens’ apps like Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph . This allows greater extension of the camera capabilities

He also mentions that more lenses are coming other than those mentioned above in future.