project my screenWe have covered “How to project screen of any Windows Phone 8.1 running device” to  a computer in our detailed tutorial. In case it is not working for you, here are two quick-fixes you can try.

Solution 1:

In case you are facing issues with your PC not prompting you for “allow screen projection”, when you connect PC to phone, you can go to Control Panels——-> Devices & Printers on your PC and remove your phone, if already present.

Now launch the “project my screen” application on your PC, connect your device to PC with USB cable and it will ask, if you want to allow screen projection.

Solution 2:

If the solution 1 doesn’t work for you, try uninstalling and reinstalling your phone drivers on your Windows PC.

  1. Connect your phone to your Windows PC using a USB cable.

  2. On your PC, go to Start and open Device Manager.

  3. Click Universal serial bus devices, right-click your Windows Phone, then click Uninstall. Make sure that you uninstall any Windows Phone devices that appear in this list. (You may need to restart your PC.)

  4. Disconnect your phone from your PC, then reconnect it. It’ll automatically reinstall the correct drivers.

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