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HTC may keep claiming otherwise but it seems they are indeed on a copying spree of Nokia devices and unlawfully using Nokia’s inventions in their devices. Sometime back we reported how Nokia has won preliminary ruling against HTC Android devices in US over two hardware patents.


Now, WSJ reports that HTC may have already felt that it may lose the final trial and face import ban on its flagship device “HTC One” and other new devices. This has let them work with Qualcomm on redesigning the chip being used in its devices.

Taiwan’s HTC Corp. is working with Qualcomm Inc. on ways to alter a component for its flagship One smartphone and other new devices, after a preliminary U.S. court win by Finnish rival Nokia Corp. raised the possibility of an import ban in HTC’s major overseas market, people familiar with the matter said.

These two Nokia radio-related patents help enhance transmission and reception of phone calls. If HTC doesn’t get similar benefit by even redesigning the chip, it may lose major competitive advantage. With, Devices and services division sold to MS, Nokia can really get aggressive with its patent power now.

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