Pokemon Go has changed the way society works or has ever played a game. After being available on both Android and iOS it gained unparalleled popularity and Windows 10 Mobile users must be raring to join the fun. While officially the game is not available for Windows 10 Mobile you can now play it on you devices thanks to a UWP client of Pokemon Go that can be side-loaded to Windows 10 Mobile. PoGo-UWP, the Pokemon Go client let you play in the same game-world as your Android / iOS friends.

PoGo-UWP is an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) client for Niantic’s Pokemon™ Go Android/iOS game. Being a client, this means that it gives you the ability to play in the same game-world as your friends that are playing with an Android or iOS device.

PoGo-UWP Update Changelogs

v1.0.29 (v1.1.0-RC2)(latest) Changelog:

  • Added item inventory
  • Added Pokedex
  • Added battery saver mode
  • Added level up notification
  • Added hatching notification
  • Added new translations
  • Improved update system, now we can remotely disable the app if some gamebreaking change happens
  • Improved network Handling
  • Improved UI
  • Improved app messages to make them more useful
  • Fixed catching bugs
  • Fixed bug in proto files that caused wrong values to be sent to server
  • Fixed resume to map page after suspension
  • Fixed a lot of other minor things

Known issues:

  • Everything that you see in the issue tracker so please, again, search before opening a new issue!

v 1.0.29 APPX Download

v1.0.25 (v1.1.0-RC1) Changelog:

  • Changed capture page: you can now flick to throw the ball (experimental)
  • Added new map styles to mimic the original app (you can enable them in settings)
  • Added profile page with achievements
  • Added Pokemon detail page where you can evolve, power up and transfer your Pokemon
  • Added Pokemon and Eggs inventory, you can now Incubate your eggs
  • Added Google Login (not supporting 2FA for now)
  • Added translations
  • Added device spoofing, you device will now act as an iPhone to try preventing bugs (we can’t guarantee that you’re safe from bans, but this may help)
  • Fixed countless bugs
  • Revamped UI

v APPX Download

  • Fixed Pokestop dissappear while moving
  • Fixed Pokemon dissappear issue

How To Install PoGo-UWP

It is not available via Windows 10 Store and you need to sideload it. Here are the steps.

  • Create a Pokemon™ Trainer Club account by following the link
  • Login on the Android/iOS app to choose your starter  or in case you don’t have an Android / iOS device you can use Bluestacks.
  • Logout from the official app
  • Download the file from here
  • Change your storage settings from SD card to phone storage (or it won’t install and throw error)
  • Enable Device Portal by following the Microsoft article here.
  • Navigate to APPS page on Device Portal
  • Choose PokemonGo-UWP_version.appx under “Install App”
  • Click on “Add Dependency” twice and add the files that are inside Dependencies folder
  • Click on “Go” under “Deploy” and wait until “Done!” is shown
  • Launch the app on your device
  • Login

By following the above steps you can now play the game on your Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Here are the features the game currently supports,

PoGo UWP features:

  • Login with Pokemon™ Trainer Club accounts
  • Similar UI as the Android/iOS version but 2D only
  • Use the map to see both Pokemons and PokeStops near your location
  • Catch Pokemons
  • Visit PokeStops and get new items

Thanks Raj & Skier for the tip. Cheers!!