Plex for Windows Phone is being updated, however there are no new features, but many bugs have been fixed in this latest update.

Plex is an app which organizes all of your video, music and photo collections as well as streams them to all of your screens.

Features and fixes included in Version


  • (Music) Plex Mix
  • (Music) Support multi-disc albums better
  • (Video) Updated HTTP Live Streaming stack


  • (Video) Better handle situations where no servers are available to transcode, but are able to remux
  • (Photo) Fix initial zoom level to fit screen
  • (Win) Not all libraries may be shown in home page
  • (Win) Reverting from semantic zoom doesn’t work in Windows 10
  • (Music) Display actual artist from Various Artists albums
  • (Music) Fix incorrect skip back interval
  • (Video) Starting movie playback with subtitles set to None results in not correctly changing subtitles later on
  • (OnePass) Only prompt for activation once per app run
  • (Camera Upload) Fix cancel button not working correctly when creating library
  • (Single Server) Detect and notify if the selected server is unavailable
  • (UI) Minor UI improvements

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