This seems almost coming!! Reason, it looks as big as Lumia 900, but has the curved screen of Lumia 800. We also knew Nokia has not opted for the curved screen for Lumia 900 to save on cost and for keeping the weight in check.

Which means the prototype device in the above picture might be a real upcoming windows phone 8 device with 4.3 inch screen and without the Bezel of Lumia 900 which many disliked. It seems obvious that with WP8, Nokia might put the price more, hence it is possible to accommodate a curved display on a larger size screen than Lumia 800.

These pictures were uploaded on Sina weibo (China’s Twitter”) and later deleted, but not before could copy them and posted them in an article.  WPDang also noted that the device has a tiny line at the bottom saying “”. Clearly this is some sort of prototype device leaked out of Nokia. But as the central home button looks like windows phone 7, it might also be a device running WP7.8 afterall.

Anyways, we will see many such leaks before 5th Sep. That’s for sure 🙂