@evleaks has now leaked what looks like real pictures of upcoming Asha Flagship smartphones with cool design language leaked earlier by @evleaks only !! These Asha phones will have 5 MP cameras and new UI design. To us, considering these are Ashas, so will be well below  Rs 9000  (165 USD) in India, it looks mouth-watering as a first smartphone/second back up phone !! Read below from our earlier article and check the earlier leaked “design preview“.

Obviously the design shown in the below leaked image looks beautiful high-end for an Asha and the camera is 5 MP. So, may be we will see high-end Asha devices with brand new UI and higher spec getting announced. Keep in mind by high-end we mean one which fits in the gap between Asha 311 and Lumia 510/Lumia 505.