Outlook Mail & Calendar for Windows 10 Mobile has received a major update that brings lot of UI changes and also adds some new features to both on Build 10080. Have a look at the screenshots of the new app and changes that they reveal.

Outlook Mail UI:

  • New Icons for some quick-action buttons like “New mail”.
  • Tapping on Hamburger button now doesn’t reveal all mail boxes but you need to again tap on the current mail account to reveal all configured accounts to choose from.
  • Mail reading view has a new look and the quick action buttons have moved to bottom with all new icons and design.

Outlook mail12Outlook Mail2Outlook Settings:

  • Settings page now have more options like Background Picture (not working yet)
  • Reading settings are now separated from options.
  • Now you can set options for mailboxes separately

Outlook Mail settingsOutloo mail settings 2Outlook Calendar:

  • Calendar has a new quick action button that allows to swap between day and agenda view
  • Tapping on the Month on top of the calendar brings Monthly view
  • Settings show new color options and the settings page has a new look

Outlook calendar1outlook calendar22