SGSII vs IPhone 4S vs N8

This time it is from “”. It has compared N8, Samsung Galaxy SII and IPhone 4S for their camera skills and guess what N8 comes up again with flying colors and is crowned again as King of quality. Read what they have to say in conclusion,

I believe it is fairly safe to say that the Nokia N8 is still the king of image quality when compared to today’s best smartphones based on its superior dynamic range, low noise, and accurate color – not to mention higher resolution. All things considered, the iPhone 4s comes in a solid second in this test.

Though this test is not as extensive or doesn’t delve as deeper into technicalities as the as the last shootout from Techradar which covered as many as six cameraphones.You can read more about that shootout in this article.

SGSII vs Iphone 4S vs N8

Let us see, what more the comparison says about aspects like color rendition, details, noise etc and also see the related image above.

Note the warm, saturated look of the GSII – almost reminiscent of the iPhone 4. The image is also over processed with sharpening and blotchy, saturated color another traditional iPhone trait. Let this then be a testament to the improvements made with the 4s’ camera (don’t know what I’m talking about? See here), which sits in the middle of this comparison, being cleaner than the GSII but certainly not up to par with the N8 with its extremely neutral color rendition.If you enlarge these images, you will also see that the N8 has the least amount of noise. The iPhone 4s is relatively good in this respect as well, but the GSII produces blotchy, noticeable noise (only accentuated by sharpening) even in properly exposed areas.