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If you are unfamiliar with the works of craigslist it is a local site, www.craigslist.com, that offers everything from buying some electronics to maybe finding a date for the night.  Windows Phone has never had an official Craigslist app, but now with the arrival of 8list craigslist users now have what they have been looking for.

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The new 8list app offers the ability to favorite posts, hide posts, and even pin live tiles making 8list very organized.  I have used craigslist to sell old tech to help save up for the newer stuff and a very important part of using craigslist is contact information, 8list offers a contact card for each post that offers the information that the seller included in their post, that be easily saved straight to your contact list.

If you are a fan of craigslist you have probably been waiting for the direct link to go download this bad boy, and here it is, click HERE to download 8list.

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