Office lensOffice lens app was first leaked from Windows Phone 8.1 SDK and was in Beta. The app is now live on Windows Phone store and shows compatibility with both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Our first impressions of the app is positive and it looks like a neat app with good clean UI and packs usability. For office goers it is a handy tool, which will make scanning documents and whiteboards a breeze. While using for capturing documents it helps you with providing frame for usable area and once captured one can crop or apply “Photo”, “Whiteboard” or “document” effects and save the document to OneNote . But it pales somewhat in comparison to fully-featured scanning apps like “CamScanner”. It doesn’t provide pdf version of the scanned documents, but that can be taken care in future updates.



– Capture pictures of whiteboards and share your meeting notes with co-workers.

– Make digital copies of your printed documents, business cards or posters. The text will be automatically recognized (using OCR) so you can search and edit it.

– Take pictures of menus, shopping lists, or children’s sketches so you never have to worry about forgetting or misplacing them.


– With Whiteboard mode, Office Lens trims and cleans up glares and shadows.

– With Document mode, Office Lens trims and colors them perfectly.

– Save pictures not only to your camera roll, but directly into OneNote. You can see the images across all your devices.

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