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NSN has provided LTE infrastructure to Singapore’s major operator StarHub. This will support StarHub’s commercial VoLTE ( Voice over LTE ) rollout in 2014 enabling them to provide HD calls over 4G network. VoLTE services are part of an existing LTE agreement that was signed between NSN and StarHub in 2012.

“Together with our key technology partner NSN, we are committed to continually enabling innovative future-ready technologies and services to benefit StarHub’s customers,” said Chan Kin Hung, head of personal solutions at StarHub. “StarHub’s landmark VoLTE achievement today reaffirms our commitment towards delivering an unparalleled user experience to our subscribers, who will soon enjoy crystal clear voice calls in HD over StarHub’s 4G and 3G network anytime, anywhere.

These VoLTE cells are claimed to be the first 3GPP standard VoLTE call in Southeast Asia.

“By enabling the first 3GPP standard VoLTE call in Southeast Asia, NSN has helped StarHub reach an important milestone in the region’s telecommunications industry, an achievement that lays the foundation for the delivery of HD voice services over LTE to users in Singapore,” said John Lancaster-Lennox, head of South Asia at NSN. “This is yet another strong proof-point that NSN remains committed to supporting StarHub in its endeavors to build a cutting-edge network infrastructure in the country.”


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