N9 even if it is not so hyped or marketed as its WP twin Lumia 800, catches user’s imagination so strongly that even many nokia bashers are just going overboard describing its OS and UI and the ease 0f use that grows on the user.Read the following line form GSMarena bog article,whose link is given below.

“I’ve been using the Nokia N9 for a while now and I’m totally awed by the user experience. Now I regularly find myself swiping other touch phones with the intention of dismissing program screens and whatnot. Yeah, I’m surprised at myself too. I’m an old dog that doesn’t like to learn new tricks but this whole swiping thing on MeeGo, it totally got me. Yes, the Nokia N9 grew on me. Big time.”

and some more,

I’ll just say this: When it comes to typing usability, the Nokia N9 can eat the two generations of BlackBerry Storm‘s for breakfast and then have some more.