Lumia 920 is really looking all the way better after release of iPhone 5 :). It was what we felt and expressed in our article. Surprisingly this has been echoed by many others as well.


But, there is one more place, where Nokia has certainly a big lead over the iPhone 5. Yes, Nokia which is projecting itself as a “where” company can boast of its great Mapping services on Lumia 920, which are much better in quality, data saving and worldwide coverage than what Apple has to offer with iPhone 5.

Apple has just realised its list of iOS 6 features and their availability in every country. You can check it here.

It is shocking to see that big markets like China, India don’t have features like even “Turn by turn navigation” forget about “offline navigation” which Lumia 920 will come packed . Not long ago, Engadget termed Nokia offline navigation to the best purely offline navigational tool on the market, on any mobile platform.

If you’re an avid traveler, and you haven’t given Windows Phone a chance, you should. Nokia Drive is honestly reason enough to consider switching if you use your phone for navigating as much as you do texting or calling, and I’ve reason to believe that it’ll only get better with age.All in all, however, I can confidently say that Nokia Drive is the best purely offline navigational tool on the market, on any mobile platform.

Now check the list of countries, you can use Nokia’s superior voice guided “Turn by Turn Navigation” and compare with Apple’s list. LOL !!

Not, only navigation, but iPhone 6 maps in India won’t even have Directions, 3D building in navigation. Surprisingly 3D buildings are available only in USA. It looks pretty useless to me, after using full Nokia suite in India on my N8 and now 808 PureView.

Nokia Maps with offline Drive are certainly going to get better on Lumias with WP8 version. Just have a look at some more great experiences which will certainly be missed on iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

  • Maps with three modes and directions with world wide coverage and free downloading for offline use.
  • Offline Voice guided Navigation with great world wide coverage
  • Indoor Navigation, coming soon to Nokia Maps
  • Public Transport
  • Augmented reality Browser “City Lens”
  • Full 3D Maps mode
  • Many integrated services

It is certainly up to Nokia, how they educate prospective customers and overcome the “Reality Distortion Field” !!