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Not able to see Lumia Denim on dev preview enrolled device, here is what you can try


Lumia Denim prepI just did this on my Lumia 1020 (India, developers preview enrolled) and it worked. So here is what you can do in case you have Lumia Denim available for your devices as per the official tracker but, you are not able to get it due to enrollment to developers preview program.

Just opt out of the developers preview program—-> restart you device——> Check for updates.

Keep in mind that since a new OS version 8.10.14234.375 is available for Lumia 1020 in India as part of Lumia Denim update, you are being offered an update. If you are already on OS version 8.10.14219.341 (developers preview) and the tracker shows similar OS version available for you device under Lumia Denim, you may not be offered an update at all, as all the devices except Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon won’t mostly receive any firmware update with Lumia Denim.

8.10.14234Try this and do let us know if it worked for you too.

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  • Kamm

    Mine 1020 still running cyan OS.. after get an update.. just updated to 8.1.. not denim.. my 1020 is vietnam carrier model.. but staying in malaysia.. humm.. how to am i get that denim OS?

  • Mohammad Talha Khan

    mine Lumia 530 is on 8.10.14219.341 , may i’ll get any latest updates more ??

  • Fausto

    I didn’t have to on my AT&T Lumia 1520 which is enrolled…

  • it247geek

    I have the ICON. I installed the Developers Preview to get the updates right away since Verizon was not offering them at that time. Everything ran fine. When Verizon finally released Denim. I unselected the checkbox on the Developers Preview and uninstalled the program. I figured I was done with them and would get the Denim update from Verizon. Problem: The Developers Preview actually gave you almost everything that Denim does, so when it checked the Verizon servers, it said I was up to date based upon the OS version I was running. I reinstalled the Developers Preview, selected the checkbox to re sign up for updates. Then I checked for updates on my phone. The update request will take almost a full 2 min. to find the update. Do not stop it from checking, it is not locked up. You will get the Denim Update.I did on 2 phones with no problems.

  • Tarun Suresh

    mine is on 8.10.14219.341 on my lumia 720. so i think my device wont show any updates.

  • bennyj

    Since you installed Denim, have you noticed any improvement? Speed of taking picture or sharper picture? I have seen so many people that have 1020s ask these questions. Unfortunately, haven’t seen any respond

    • Kamal

      Nopes, nothing that I can see in terms of camera speed improvements. In terms of image quality, I think images appear bit sharper.

      • Rajesh

        Mine lumia 620, i have uninstalled PFD and restarted my mobile, but still i did not get denim updtae.