Sorry for a long haul folks.Was bit tied up, but now let me share some fresh first impressions of Belle on my N8, especially the stuff that wowed me.

  • First the pull down notification cum connection maintainance bar. It is just awesome and I just feel we all were missing it. It is so handy ­čÖé
Pull down notification bar
  • Second thing which impresses me so much about Belle is its memory management. The application raminfo shows about 115-120 MB free. That is awesome. Compare it to anna, where you will end up with 75-80 MB┬ámostly.
Belle RAM management
  • Third is pampering from Nokia. I got whole pack of free apps as gift including many camera apps and angry birds which are paid apps. I know we got it earlier also but for new device owners it is great welcome gesture from Nokia !!
Free app gifts
  • Fourth wow factor for me is overall smoothness and UI experience. In particular I will mention improved native browser which is amazing to use now. Also social has many new widgets (as covered earlier), and is far better than the Anna one.

Let us know in comments what is about Belle that you liked the most.