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Seems, Nokia has decided to hit that figure of 600,000 units shipment to US in Q2 for a six, with most serious volume push in US ever. They have supplied Lumia 521 to HSN in abundance and HSN has followed by pricing Lumia 521 crazily at $99.95 with freebies. Now, this has resulted in sales of more than 14000 units since yesterday and it is going strong as in last 4 hours it has gone from 10000 to 14000.


Still 10 hours to go till this offer ends and seems 25000 Lumia 521 cold be sold within the full offer period. Hmm, still 2 months to go in Q3. And currently it is top seller at both Amazon and Walmart as well. So, what do you think? Is Q3 going to be better than ever for Nokia Lumia sales in US.

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