Nokia smartwatch 1While we told you that Nokia is working on Android-based wearables related to Health and Wellbeing as part of Nokia’s plans to pursue “Digital Health” as the next Nokia Technologies business practice, it is always good to have some official confirmation (sort of). Now Nokia has sent a press statement about its Extraordinary General Meeting and the statement has a very interesting section.


The Board of Directors proposes that the Articles 2, 4 and 9 of the Articles of Association of the company be amended as follows:

Article 2 of the Articles of Association be amended to read as follows:

Article 2 – Object

The object of the company is to research, develop, manufacture, market, sell and deliver products, software and services in a wide range of consumer and business-to-business markets. These products, software and services relate to, among others, network infrastructure for telecommunication operators and other enterprises, the internet of things, human health and well-being, multi-media, big data and analytics, mobile devices and consumer wearables and other electronics. The company may also create, acquire and license intellectual property and software as well as engage in other industrial and commercial operations, including securities trading and other investment activities. The company may carry on its business operations directly, through subsidiary companies, affiliate companies and joint ventures.

So, as we can note Nokia’s object includes dealing in human health and well-being, multi-media, mobile devices and consumer wearables and other electronics amongst others.

Before this we had reported that Nokia is pursuing variety of smart wearables related to health and wellbeing, via some Nokia job openings, but the “consumer wearables” confirmation makes it more exciting.

Coming to mobile devices not only design but Nokia will handle marketing of its upcoming mobile devices too. Nokia has been hiring medical experts for its Well-Being (Digital health) business. And talking about multimedia we have seen Nokia’s design and innovation in OZO. That “other electronics” is quite interesting too!!