Nokia has filed a complaint against Lenovo at the U.S. International Trade Commission alleging patent infringement by Lenovo’s laptop, tablet and desktop computers. Nokia wants US imports of these Lenovo products to be banned.

Nokia claims that Lenovo’s ThinkPad, IdeaPad and Flex branded computers are in violation of five of its standard-essential (SEP) H.264 portfolio. The H.264 patent portfolio is part of industry standard for video compression.

Nokia it seems has been in touch with Lenovo to license these standard-essential (SEP) H.264 patents. But Lenovo has not agreed to become a licensee of Nokia and thus has been using the patented technology unlawfully.

Many Chinese firms have been recently sued by Nokia to be in violation of its patent portfolio with many of them agreeing to become licensees. Read our complete coverage of news related to Nokia patent licensing agreementsĀ by clicking here.