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Nokia WinRT 8.1 Tablet’s image, specs and price posted online.

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This time it is from Winsupersite. The site has posted above image of the earlier leaked Red variant of Nokia WinRT 8.1 Tablet. It also puts the price at $499 and claims the camera to be 6.7 MP with Zeiss optics. This seems to be the same camera as on Lumia 720 then. Other details remain similar to what we know and have reported.

Codename: Sirius
Platform: Quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM)
Screen: 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS
Battery: Up to10 hours
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Thickness: .35 inches
Price: $499
Key features: 10.1-inch Full HD screen with outdoor readability, LTE, 6.7 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, unique companion experiences with Nokia apps.
Peripherals: Innovative multi-function cover with keyboard and additional battery life.

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  • troll

    I think Elop said they were only going to produce 250 k of these for the quarter, which if it has a data plan available would sell these. After the next quarter though the deal is finalized in January? I have the Surface RT and would go for the Nokia because of the upgraded software, upgraded hardware poly vs. metal in my colder climate and if they really connect well with 1020, have a decent video editing software and can print, its worth it to me. I look at the RT and iPad as entertainment pads.

    • Kamal Mishra

      I too think, Nokia Tablet will get many takers in existing Lumia owners.

  • Abe

    It’s very nice, would like a black one. But they’ll still have the same problem Surface RT has, it’s not a full PC you can only run windows store apps, which for $500 is high, they need to drop to $400 to at least look competitive. Problem is the faith in ARM based Win8 tablets is falling fast.