Nokia smartphones with the mantra of being “pure and secure” are ideal candidates for enterprises to arm their workforce. We already know that from the entry-level Nokia 2.2 to Nokia 9 PureView all Nokia smartphones have been listed as the “Android Enterprise Recommended” devices (AER) by Google.

Now, as per an analysis posted by techArc, 17 Nokia smartphones are the most number of “Android Enterprise Recommended” aka AER compliant devices by a single brand.

As one can notice in the chart above, only 140 smartphones have been marked as AER compliant as per Google guidelines. Out of these 140, 17 belong to Nokia brand followed by 15 by Motorola. Interestingly 22 brands have AER compliant offerings but the focus on AER devices seems to be less in the case of top smartphone brands by volume.

In the Indian context, the Nokia brand has 16 AER offerings out of the total number for 40 AER compliant devices for India.

The analysis further highlights how Nokia offerings are the strongest across the broad spectrum of all price points and it hands over a competitive edge to Nokia when it comes to enterprise mobility.