Nokia 150 video

As we reach to the last quarter of 2015, we are nearly one year away from what can be a new Nokia Flagship smartphone running Android. Now, while we all have seen Nokia N1’s promise as the first Nokia branded product and Nokia not only handled design, prototyping and even marketing for Nokia N1. This trend is going to continue it seems and Nokia will handle design, prototyping and even invest and handle marketing of these smartphones, it seems.

A new job opening reveals Nokia’s plans to invest and handle marketing for Brand licensing products. So, while ODM partners for Nokia-branded products will be responsible for production and after-sales support, Nokia and ODM partner will partner in marketing efforts with Nokia eventually monitoring and handling it.

  • Work with the product making, design and portfolio teams to ensure all brand licensed products (hardware, software, total product offering) are on-brand and manifests the values of the Nokia brand.
  • Plan and manage brand licensing’s annual investments in marketing and communication.
  • Monitor how brand licensing activities are contributing to the Nokia brand.
  • Liaise and foster strong alignment with the corporate brand team and the Chief Marketing Officer within the Technologies business unit.
  • Work closely with the Account team in brand licensing and the Head of GTM and Marketing in the partner organization to grow the Nokia brand.

Another interesting job openings reveals Nokia’s plans to re-establish a Global supply chain and it does mention some “manufacturing sites”. This is encouraging sign, given Nokia’s recent product offering “OZO“, that it plans to manufacture in Finland.

  • Responsible for developing and implementing a contract manufacturing strategy aligned with our New Product introduction and global expansion plans.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing a Sales and Operational Planning Process
  • Responsible for developing, documenting, and executing a comprehensive logistics and distribution strategic plan which will drive optimal customer service and profitability
  • Responsible for sourcing, negotiating, supplier management, and supplier quality management for all manufacturing sites.

It seems sooner or later we will be able to see Nokia manufacturing, marketing and selling its consumer products. Though with recent industry trends favoring cheaper contract manufacturing, it will be difficult for Nokia to not take advantage of it.

Nokia’s next foray may be in Smart wearables that may cater to both medical and normal consumer digital health needs. Smartphones may come in Q4 2016 with some launch events in Q3 2016.