We last reported about Nokia TA-1178 passing FCC certification thereby revealing its size specs and network bands. In Nokia TA-1178 certification TA-1196 was also mentioned and it has also passed FCC certification today.

The cover letter for TA-1196 makes it clear that both Nokia TA-1178 and TA-1196 belong to the same smartphone. TA-1178 is Single-SIM and TA-1196 is the Dual-SIM variant.

The cover letter also mentions SDR660 as the RF transceiver and WCN3980 as the Bluetooth and WLAN modem. These two components are used in Snapdragon 660, 636, 630 and even 632. So, it is not completely clear which processor is employed inside but our money is on Snapdragon 660 for obvious reasons.

As per the antenna diagram, Nokia TA-1178/TA-1196 will come with size specs of 160mm x 75 mm. It puts it in the league of big Nokia smartphones like Nokia 8.1 or recently released Nokia 3.2. So, it seems that it will be another big display smartphone. The smartphone will also pack NFC.

Our exclusive report about the listing of official Nokia 6.2/7.2 cases hints at an August launch for Nokia 6.2 and 7.2. Though it is difficult to say whether TA-1178 and TA-1196 belong to Nokia 6.2 or 7.2.

Nokia 6.2/7.2 details:

Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 are two very interesting smartphones that will come with a 48 MP rear camera sensor with 120-degree wide-angle photography and a round camera module like Lumias.

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