This is likely important news for future buyers of Asha phones. If you’re used to the previous functionality and features of Nokia Suite, you should forget that in the coming time. Although Nokia is yet to state this officially, but the development of Nokia Suite has already stopped.

None of the Asha devices released in 2013 support PC connectivity via Nokia Suite and same is going to happen for the future Asha devices which are about to come in the form of 5xx series, first one of which is the Asha 501. All Asha phones released in 2013 will only support the Nokia Connectivity Cable drivers which allow you to create a dial-up data connection on your PC by using your phone as modem.

It is still not known as to how Nokia Suite’s place will be filled as besides other features, that’s the only way to download and update maps to the Asha phones. Nokia Suite is also needed if you want to install any apps from the PC version of the Nokia Suite.

About software updates, Nokia is going to improve the FOTA delivery of updates which was one of the most common reasons why Nokia Suite was needed. Software updates will only be delivered through the medium of FOTA and those without data connections on their phones will be needed to visit a Nokia Care Center to get the new updates.

That’s all the info we have for now. However we’ll keep you updated about this and all other Nokia news. Bookmark us for your regular dose of Nokia updates.